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Episode 4

Published on:

26th Feb, 2021

Episode 3

Published on:

12th Feb, 2021

Episode 1

Published on:

15th Jan, 2021


Published on:

8th Jan, 2021

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About the Podcast

Lytt og lær norsk med Norskpodden fra Lingu.
Learn Norwegian by listening to our podcast delivered to you by Lingu's enchanting Norwegian teacher Camilla Cahill every second Friday at 10.00.

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- norskpodden: train your listening skills
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- norsktimen: join a live webinar
- norskkaféen: practise your speaking skills
- norskkinoen: watch a Norwegian movie in good company
- norskquizen, who's best in Norwegian-quiz?

All upcoming events and free online training you can find at norskbloggen.no

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